Monday, March 25, 2013

Interview with photographer Celeste Ortiz

   About you:
 I'm Celeste Ortiz, I'm twenty-something, I live in San Antonio, a seaside town in Chile and I'm a photographer, working mostly on selfportraiture and live music/band photography.

               What is it that attracts you the most of what you have around you?  

The talented and passionated people I met, the cats I see, the sunshine, the revolution...

               Tell us about your experience as  photographer what did it give you? How you learned?
 Photography is such an important part of my life, keeps me motivated to make something and forget me about what is wrong. When I started I knew more about digital retouching than how to take a picture, I learn by myself how to use photoshop and other sofwares and then last year I took classes of digital photography, but I end up with more questions than answers and finally I get interested in film photography and I've learning a lot by researching and reading and by making mistakes.

                Do you have other job or interest besides photography?
Video recording live music, collecting all those magical moments.
 Three adjectives to describe yourself.
Girl, shy, quiet.
                A film, a book and a song. 
Last film I saw I think it was "The Brown Bunny" by Vincent Gallo, the book "Just Kids" by Patti Smith and right now I'm humming "Borderline" by MC5.
             What camera do you use? Dou you use one lense?
I use a Canon 500N with a normal lens, a Nikon EM with a 35mm and a Lumix FZ35 for video recording.
             Tell about exhibition if you ‘ve had any.
Not yet.
Do you sell prits? How do you make it and where can someone buy?
I been looking at those websites like etsy, but at the moment I don't have a shop of those, but if someone wants a print can contact me

          What was your most big success?
Being alive.
 Favourite photographer.
I don't have one favourite, but must be a music journalist.           
 Describe some of your projects
Right now my main proyect is get out of the house and make pictures outdoor.
            Your main concept.
There aren't concepts.
            Your plans.
Shooting lots of photos.

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