Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Interview with photographer Valeria Ranalli

From where are you?
I am from L’Aquila, Italy, but I am currently living in the UK…and about to move to France!

 What is it that attracts you the most of what you have around you?  
It depends on my mood, some days I am inspired by the streets, others by flowers and trees, sometimes by patterns and colors, some days it is myself. Other days…nothing attracts me.

            Describe some of your projects
I have different projects on street photography and fine art and but I guess my best ones are the self-portraits. It seems that is the best way I have found so far to express completely and genuinely myself and my art.

            Your main concept
Saul Leiter once said, “ I go out to take a walk, I see something, I take a picture. I take photographs. I have avoided profound explanations of what I do” and I find this sentence perfect to describe my approach to photography. It is true even when related to self-portraits; I feel something, I have an inspiration, and no one is around to pose for me, so, I just take pictures of myself.

              what do you want to say by your art, why?
I would say that is definitively personal, instinctive and raw.

               Tell us about your experience as photographer what did it give you?
Fall in love with photography was one of the best thing could ever happen to me.  It all started during the blackest period of my life and it helped me to get out of it, because it is all about emotions and beauty. It is my shield; it protects me from this world that pushes me to be only “clinical, intellectual, cynical.”

Three adjectives to describe yourself.
Confused (but in the end not too much), funny (when I am in a good mood), calm (never).

A film, a book and a song
Spike Lee – “Do the right thing”
Jean-Paul Sartre – “Nausea”
Janis Joplin - "Me And Bobby McGee”

 What camera do you use?  lense?
I use digital and analogue cameras. I must admit that I am not a fan of the latest and expensive gear. What I do like is making pictures, even if only with a pinhole camera made with a can.

             Tell about exhibition if you ‘ve had any.
(Con)fusioni - Inusualemostradell'incompiuto  (Lanciano, Italy – 2015) has been my latest group one.
Never had a solo one and I am looking forward to it.

            Do you sell prints? How do you make it and where can someone buy?
If you are interested, please contact me.

            What was your most big success? 
Meet Riccardo, my boyfriend.

           Favourite photographer.

William Eggleston: genial, radical, genuine and grumpy. I love that man.

          What is your occupation, job, interest besides photography. describe it.

I hold a degree in Engineering and a master in Enterprise Systems Management and I am currently working in the Information System field as an analyst... I love to rack my brain on stuff.

Your plans.
Promote my art in new ways, upgrade my skills, lose my mind again.


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