Thursday, January 29, 2015

Interview with photographer Dani Santalla Lopez

What is it That Attracts you the most of what you have around you?

I think what appeals the most to me is the serenity that I try to show in each image and the bucolic halo around my work.

Tell us your experience as photographer what did it give you?

It helps me to escape from everyday routine, to see life the way I'd like it to be. It relaxes me and gives me confidence in myself.

Three adjectives to describe yourself.

Serenity. Simplicity. Tranquility.

A film, a book and a song

Movie: Where the wild things are
Book: Answered Prayers, Truman Capote
Song: There is a light that never goes out, The Smiths


What camera do you use? lense?

I use three different cameras. Digital management and Fujifilm XF1 Nikon D40 and Nikon F65 analog format. I love the 35mm lens.

Tell about exhibition if you've had any.

So far I’ve had only one exhibition were I showed a few of my pictures. Mainly beach and mountain landscapes where I try to convey all those litte details that portray my inner peace.

Do you sell prints? How do you make it and where can someone buy?

I like to buy prints in many different sizes. In my flickr account you can find almost all of my work. If someone is interested in buying one of my prints, they can send me an email and I’ll explain them how to do it.

What was your most big success?

Each and every interview or article where my work is mention, it’s already a huge pride. But probably being able to exhibit my photographs last year has been one of my greatest success.

Favourite photographer.

I have several but Martina Hoogland Ivanov and Ryan McGinley are two of my favourit.

Describe some of your projects

Next month I have the opportunity to do my second exhibition in a gallery of my city. I'm very excited, plus I count on the support of my partner and my best friend have an important role in the exhibition. 

Your main concept.

The naturalness of things and life.

What is your occupation, job, interest Besides photography.

I have a bachelor degree in elementary education and I am a private tutor.

Which advice would you give someone Who Wants to Become a (professional) photographer?

Security, passion and confidence in what you believe. Everything comes if love is needed sets.

Do you work as photographer?

I'm just starting in the photography world and I work as a freelance as well. I’m currently doing a photo shoot.

Your Plans.

Turn my passion into my work, as usual.

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