Thursday, May 7, 2015

Interview with photographer Flavia Catena

1) About you
I am an Italian freelance photographer and writer (in my spare time) based in Oxford (UK). I live of dreams, memories, sometimes forgetting about the present and everything I don't like about it. Yet, I enjoy the beauty in everyday life, both when I take photos and I go out for a walk.
2) What is it that attracts you the most...
I feel inspired and attracted by nature and by art. A tree, a painting, a photograph or a ancient building in my city can make me happy.
3)Tell us about your experience as  photographer...
I recently started working in this field. I feel relaxed and free when I photograph. Sometimes I can think about nothing else and I see everything in the world as a big picture, a beautiful one that exists only to be contemplated and maybe captured by the right eyes.
4) Three adjectives to describe yourself
Dreaming, reliable, enthusiastic
5)  A film, a book and a song
It is hard to reply to this, but I will try.
A film: "Giulietta degli spiriti" by Federico Fellini
A book: "Swann's way" by Marcel Proust
A song: "Hallelujah" by Jeff Buckley
6) What camera do you use?  lense?I use a Nikon D610 even though I have started with a Nikon D5100 (many of the photos in my portfolio have been taken with that camera), and I have three prime lenses. I have recently received, as a present, a Lomo instant, and I already love working with it!
7) Tell about exhibition if you ‘ve had any
I did not have any exhibitions so far, but it is sometimes I dream about.
8) Do you sell prints?...
No, I don't at the moment, but I think that if someone would be interested in that, I would be glad to offer the service.
9) What was your most big success? I don't really know. I can say I had many little successes which my heart and soul felt as big ones, from my graduation to the day when a client asked to have her wedding photos taken by me for the first time.
10) Favourite photographerRobert Doisneau, Paolo Roversi, Ferdinando Scianna, and many others young artists - famous or not - I find everyday on photography websites and magazines. 
11) Your main concept
Time and memories
12) What is your occupation job
I am trying to focus only on photography at present. I have a degree in Publishing and Journalism but I recently worked as a translator, just to mention one.
13) Which advice would you give someone who wants to become a (professional) photographer
I don't know if I can give suggestions to someone as I am still trying to understand this job and its world. I feel like saying: go on taking photos, improving your skills, day after day, capturing what means something for you. Work on yourself first, then be patient and confident!
14) Do you work as photographer? 
Yes, I work as a freelance photographer.
15) Your plans
Continue taking photos, do something that makes me satisfied with myself, travel a lot and maybe publish a good book. 

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