Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Interview with photographer Katerina Pasnichenco

About you:
What is it that attracts you the most of what you have around you? 
- Actually, very often i feel myself like an out-of-time person, attracted to some old-fashioned style of life. That's why, i spending a lot of time searching for some old films at different web-pages. But, unfortunately, time machine hasn't been invented, so i'm trying to see the beauty in ordinary things around me. Especially wild nature and people. 

Tell us about your experience as photographer what did it give you?
- I have been doing photography for more than 6 years. During that time I have tried a lot of things and techniques, 'cause i simply love it. I was trying to understand the nature of making photos. By the way, it created my individual special style. I have experience as a commercial photographer and creating artistic work. I tried to shoot nature, objects, portraits. And the last were the most interesting to me, because the main object of my work today is work with people.

Three adjectives to describe yourself.
- Old-fashioned, humble, quiet.

A film, a book and a song
Moonrise Kingdom, Lee Harper's "To kill a mockingbird", "Singing Grass" by Woven Hand.

What camera do you use? lense?
- For digital photos i use canon d500. also film cameras zenit, smena and 120 mm camera lubitel. mainly I use portrait lenses. I like to experiment with using lenses and cameras unsuitable to each other.

Tell about exhibition if you ‘ve had any.
- I haven't had my personal exhibitions yet. I was a participant of several collective exhibitions, when i was a child. 

Do you sell prints? How do you make it and where can someone buy?
- This is a good idea!

What was your most big success? 
- Publications in different foreign magazines.

Favourite photographer.
- Rodney Smith.

Describe some of your projects
- This is a collaboration with an illustrator (Daria H) inspired by the songs of “Cocteau twins”. The project will contain several portraits based on the characters from the songs.

Your main concept.
- Staged photography, concentration on details, the basis is clear-cut lines and light image.

What is your occupation, job, interest besides photography.
- I was professional art-gymnast. Now, I am going to graduate from the university this year, as an economist. Most of my free time i spend traveling and riding my bike. Also, i'm trying myself as designer, craft some accessories for interior.

Which advice would you give someone who wants to become a (professional) photographer?
- I think, i'm too young to be a good advisor.

Do you work as photographer? 
- Sometimes. And I want more.

Your plans.
- First personal exhibition, to realise our project with Dasha, to make analogue cameras my main instrument of work and improve my knowledge of making analogue films.

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