Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Interview with Antonio Tiso | Molo7 Photo Agency

What is it that attracts you the most of what you have around you?
For me photography is a way to discover the world. I look for the intimate truth of the things and I try to tell it with my camera.

Tell us about your experience as photographer what did it give you? 
I was born in 1975 in Verona. I graduated in Political Science at the University of Pavia and later studied photography at the Popular University of Rome. I have been working as photographer since 2007, collaborating with magazines, newspapers and companies. I usually work on long term projects. Since 2008 I am member of Storie di Mondi Possibili, an association of biographers based in Rome. In the 2010 I created a photo agency, Molo7, with the Italian photographer Ilenia Piccioni:

The name of the agency is inspired by both the physical structure and as a metaphor for a part of the human soul: the word Molo, Italian for Wharf, signifying a point of departure and arrival for voyages and explorations into open waters.

How you found, and what was your first job as photographer (payed project)?
My first payed project was commissioned by Enel Cuore Onlus. I reported the plight of the homeless in Rome and they used the photos for promoting a big no-profit project, A Heart at the Railway Station. How did I get this work? Really I I had called them a lot of times asking for an opportunity of collaboration. Finally I met the Staff Communication and they appreciated my professional approach and my way of photographing. Some months later they called me for offering me a collaboration.

Three adjectives to describe yourself
inquiring, steadfast, sensitive.

A filmWild Strawberries, a movie by Ingmar Bergman.

A bookJourney to the End of the Night, a book by Louis Ferdinand Cèline.

A song: Bobby Jean, by Bruce Springsteen.

Favorite web of photography:
I follow a lot of photography web sites. In this period I like very much two: http://lightbox.time.com/  and http://flakphoto.com/

What camera do you use? Do you use one lense? 
Actually I use Nikon D3S and, between the lenses, mostly Nikon 24-70mm f/2.8. They’re great for shooting photo stories.

Tell about an exhibition if you ‘ve had any. 
I’ve had many, but I’d like to speak about the Naked City Project, a collective investigation about the city of Rome, of which I am a member. NCP works like a social observatory experimenting a new information production model. The opening exhibition will be on the 21th May 2013 in Rome at the Cartiera Latina, Appia Antica:


Do you sell prints? How do you make it and where can someone buy?
All the people can contact me, writing here: info@molo7photoagency.com

Do you have commercial offers and projects? describe some.
I alternate the commercial works (food, interiors and backstage) with the editorial projects.

What was your most big success? 
Once I published on a local newspaper the photo story of an elderly Italian poet living without a lung in a car park. He had a big respiratory disease. The same day the story was published I was called by the spokesperson of a small Municipality at the periphery of Rome. They told me: “We just have read your article on the metro. We want to hepl the poest!”. After one month the Municipality gave a house to the man. It was great!! I went to meet him in the new house and he cooked or me a lot of pasta :) it was a very special moment.

Favourite photographer.
It’s impossible to quote only one. I could tell you a lot of photographers that I like so much! Someone who inspired me are: Robert Capa, Bresson, Kudelka, Salgado, Eugene Smith, Paolo Pellegrin, Zizola, Alex Majoli, Alex Webb and Luigi Ghirri.

Describe some of your projects.
My personal projects are a way to capture realities that otherwise wouldn't be told; to save from the passing of time something valuable. I mostly cover social and cultural stories. Here  some of my main projects are:

“The Judiciary Psychiatric Hospital of Aversa”, a photo project about the plight of the mentally ill offender living in the Judiciary Psychiatric Hospital of Italy:

“Postcards from Calabria”, a work about the places of the ‘Ndrangheta, the most dangerous Italian criminal organization:
“Once upon a time the Bel Paese”, a photo story about the plight of the most affected social groups by the Italian euro crisis:

“The ‘Withouts’ of Kuwait”, a photo story about the Kuwait’s stateless Bedoon people:

What is your occupation, job, interest besides photography.
Running, travelling, footbol, books, movies, food :) Beers with friends. And last but not least my family!

Which advice would you give someone who wants to become a professional photographer?
First try to understand if you want to cultivate photography a in a deep way. And then enjoy your work and work hard.

Your plans
My aim is to produce a body of work that reflects my deepest identity. And to travel a lot,  phisically and interiorly.

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