Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Interview with photographer Mash Bits

About you:
 I am a 20-year-old artist currently based in Toronto, Canada.

              What is it that attracts you the most of what you have around you?  
Old spaces, the body, my dreams, love, memory.

               Tell us about your experience as photographer what did it give you?

 I only began seriously taking pictures over a year ago but its brought me a lot of joy and fulfillment in my life.  I dabbled with photography in high school but was never able to fully invest in it due to my lack of concentration.

                 Three adjectives to describe yourself.
Childish,  Romantic, Hyper

                A film, a book and a song

Gummo, A Dark Spring, Valerie by Broadcast

              What camera do you use?  lenses?

I use multiple cameras depending on the shoot but typically a 50mm lens.

                Tell about exhibition if you ‘ve had any.

No exhibitions yet but hopefully some upcoming !

              Do you sell prints? How do you make it and where can someone buy?

No I do not sell prints unfortunately.

              What was your most big success? 

I don’t believe it has happened yet.

              Favourite photographer.
Francesca Woodman, Aëla Labbé
 Lukasz Wierzbowsk

                Describe some of your projects
I’m planning some upcoming projects with my close friend and primary collaborator Madeleine LeBlanc for the summer revolving around some new locations and a collection she is working on. Lots of multi- media experimentation too!

            Your main concept.

Narratives in a domestic environment.

              What is your occupation, job, interest besides photography.I work in retail currently while being in school to help support my creative projects.  

            Which advice would you give someone who wants to become a (professional)                                photographer?
Experiment and expose yourself to work that uses different techniques and styles. Always look back at your past work as you progress.

          Do you work as photographer? 
Not full time.

            Your plans.
To keep making work and hopefully sustain my life with it.

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