Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Interview with photographer Maksim Babenko

-What is it that attracts you the most of what you have around you?  
M: Well first, it is people and events. They give me the emotions which result are my photos. Still It should be noted poetry, music, cinema... All this interacts, and as a result gives rise to ideas.

-Tell us about your experience as  photographer what did it give you?
M: You know, for me it is chance to share ideas, images which arise in my head. Acquaintances to interesting people, interaction with them and pleasure from process and result. But most important: the photo, for me is the best tool in order that to make the thoughts and images real.

 -Three adjectives to describe yourself.
M: Oh, apprx. Let it will be: modest, pensive, true.

-A film, a book and a song. 
M: The movie to choose very difficult... Choosing among creations of the favourite directors (Tarkovsky and von Triyer), I perhaps will call "Melancholy". Though equally I love all their movies for special creation of the art world. The book "Master and Margarita", this that work which I with pleasure will re-read not once. Song: Nirvana - Smells Like Teen Spirit, in my opinion is the anthem of the whole generation.

-What camera do you use? Dou you use one lense?
M: Now I remove on Canon 5D Mark3. Together with a zoom lens 24-70. Though literally in some days, I will start removing on film Leica.Вы you guess that I still am in search of that picture which I want to see as a result.

-Tell about exhibition if you ‘ve had any.
M: No exhibition

Do you sell prits? How do you make it and where can someone buy?
M:Yes, my photos can be bought. On a site of Artandcommerce agency according to the link to mine a profile ( Having clicked on a photo, it is possible to see a price.

-Favourite photographer.
M:I like creativity of a great number of photographers. It is difficult to allocate someone, I very much like photos of legends from the Magnum. Lindberg's black-and-white photos, unreal photoraffias Sallie Mann. All of them are so good that I perhaps not can, sorry.

-Describe some of your projects

M:Conscious project now one. It will develop in parallel with another (when the such will appear). A series under the name "Expectation" unites in itself pictures which I took waiting for the necessary emotion from model. Many pictures are made when the model of it doesn't expect and is even not ready. I yet don't know when and than it will end, but it really carries away me.

-Your main concept.
M:The concept is simple: never to change to itself. To do that that you are able. To study. To be open.

-Your plans.
M:Now I am in searches. I try by tests, to form own style. Still there is a lot of work on, but nevertheless the main aspiration this that that my works found the viewer.

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