Saturday, March 10, 2012


Untitled by corinne perry
Untitled, a photo by corinne perry on Flickr.

Photographer Corinne Perry: I am a self portrait Artist whose work is produced through the means of photography. My work is shot in analogue normally black and white 35 mm film and taking inspiration from techniques that were popular in the 19th century. I hand colour my black and white photographs using a range of art materials allowing me full creative control over the colour scheme and that hand on connection with my work.
Within my work I aim to create a sense of beauty even within the most emotionally painful concepts. With my work being like a visual representation of my dairy a way of expressing my emotions with it being very much inspired by my life and my emotional state being very much the driving force behind my work with the actual process of producing the work being self-reflective and therapeutic.

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