Saturday, February 4, 2017

Interview with photographer Luisa Hübner

- From where are you? I am german but actually I am living in Vienna/Austria since 5 years. - What is it that attracts you the most of what you have around you? (everyday-)poetry, sharing thoughts with other creative people. - Describe some of your projects For "box man" I rebuilt a box according to the manual I found in the book of the same title (by Kobo Abe). I used the box for a photo and a video project, which both reflect the principle of interleaving. - Your main concept: I use my camera as a tool to explore my subconscious mind. Introspective, capturing visual associations. Picturing/Showing/Exploring contrasts of absence and presence, of hiding and revealing. - What do you want to say by your art, why? My art is more about exploring than about communicating concrete messages. I want to create an atmosphere which provides space for own projections, to invite the viewer's mind to wander around. - Tell us about your experience as photographer what did it give you? For me, photography provides the opportunity - to learn (about art in general, about photography in particular, about myself) and to grow personally - to express ambivalent emotions that I cannot express verbally - to connect with other people by sharing those expressions - Three adjectives to describe yourself. Curious, analytic, intuitive - A film, a book and a song Gummo by Harmony Korine, Box Man by Kobo Abe, Leiermann by Franz Schubert (in particular the version by german actor Josef Bierbichler ) - What camera do you use? lense? SX70, Olympus OM-2n (+55mm lens) - Tell about exhibition if you ‘ve had any. In my experience one should pay as much attention to the presentation mode as to the image itself. - Do you sell prints? How do you make it and where can someone buy? Yes, giclee prints on Hahnemühle paper, by dropping me a line via my website - What was your most big success? Still to come... - Favourite photographer. I list some favourite artists instead: Rebecca Horn, Yoko Ono, Louise Bourgeois, Valie Export, Yayoi Kusama, Bill Viola, Theresa Hak Kyung Cha,... - What is your occupation, job, interest besides photography. describe it. Learning - Which advice would you give someone who wants to become a (professional) photographer? Think outside the box, reflect on what you want to express and choose the appropriate medium - Your plans. Studying video and video installation at the academy of fine arts in Vienna. Continue working on my visual language.

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